Glass Roofs

Climate glass roofs are manufactured with the Synseal Global Roof System. The two types of glass we use are Celsius Elite and Pilkington Active, both are available with blue tint or clear depending on the position of you conservatory.

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The pictures below show how an old sad and tired glass roof can look after it has a new Active Blue Climate Controlled replacement glass roof installed.

Conservatory glass roof before it is replacedConservatory climate controlled glass roof

The old polycarbonate roof was completely replaced. The new glass roof allows more light in, whilst greatly reducing solar heat gain in the summer and minimizing heat loss in the winter.







The old polycarbonate panels were removed and new Pilkington Active Blue glass sealed units installed into the existing roof. This conservatory is much cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter and very much quieter when it rains.



Half way through replacing the polycarbonate panels you can see the vast difference the Active Blue units make.

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