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Conservatory Roof Installation

Conservatory Roof Installation – Climate Roofs
Something that is often asked by our customers past, present and future is how long does it take for climate roofs to install our Solid and Tile Conservatory Roofs. Climate Roofs specialise in removing glass and polycarbonate roofs and replacing them with lightweight tiled alternatives. This post will answer what […]

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Conservatory Roof Insulation London

Conservatory Roof Insulation London – Climate Roofs
Something that is asked by our customers very regularly¬†is how can I improve my conservatories temperature regulation and how insulated is my conservatory. Traditionally conservatories were built using glass and polycarbonate as the main material for conservatory Roofs. Unfortunately, Glass and Polycarbonate roofs for conservatory result in very low […]

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Can I put a Solid Roof on my Conservatory?

Can I put a Solid Roof on my Conservatory?

Before 2010, conservatories needed to conform to certain laws surrounding the translucency of the roof to be allowed planning permission. Since the change, Solid Roofs¬†can now be built on Conservatories with no need for planning permission but must conform to some regulations. Such as Neighbourhood Consultation Schemes […]

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Conservatory Heat Loss

Conservatory Heat Loss – How Can You Prevent It?
The number one question we get asked on a regular basis here at climate roofs is how can you prevent your conservatory from losing heat. Glass and Polycarbonate roofs commonly loose much-needed heat in the winter months and retains heat in the summer months – Here at […]

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Guardian Conservatory Roof Installers

Guardian Conservatory Roof Installers – The Climate Roofs Service

Guardian conservatory roofing is fast becoming the best alternative to your glass and polycarbonate conservatory roofs. It offers second to none features and is reliable in the most volatile of weather conditions.

Do you struggle to use your conservatory in summer? Maybe it’s too cold in winter? Here […]

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Guardian Conservatory Roof

Guardian Conservatory Roof – The Ultimate Guide By Climate Roofs
Here at Climate Roofs we often get asked about the Guardian Conservatory Roof system that we use with our conservatory roof replacement service. Prior to choosing the guardian roofing system we looked into a variety of different alternatives to determine which is the best for our […]

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Building Regulations Conservatory

Building Regulations for Conservatories – What do you need to know!

For the majority of our customers, a new conservatory is something that is dreamt about and planned for many years. Unfortunately, as with any construction work, there are planning permissions and building regulations that must be adhered to. With our Guardian tiled conservatory roofing system, […]

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Tiled Conservatory Roof Exeter – Climate Roofs

Our tiled conservatory roof Exeter service – Why you should invest!
What is a tiled conservatory roof?
A tiled conservatory roof is similar to the look of a traditional conservatory however as the name suggests the roof is not made from glass but instead is made from tiles. There are a variety of reasons why our customers […]

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Solid Conservatory roof Yeovil – Why Pick Climate Roofs?

Solid Conservatory roof Yeovil
Experiencing problems with your conservatory? Why should you change your conservatory roof? This post will outline why it is beneficial to change a conservatory roof to a solid conservatory roof and also outline our conservatory roof Yeovil service here at climate roofs.
What is a solid conservatory roof?
Many customers come to us unaware […]

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Conservatory Roof Somerset

Upgrading Your Conservatory Roof in Somerset, Reviewed by Climate Roofs
Now that summer is here and the heat is starting to get intense, you likely want to sit in your conservatory and enjoy the weather. If your conservatory has an older style roof however such as a polycarbonate or glass roof then you will find that […]

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